Trip To Glen Rose 2002

   We haven't had a chance to go and take a trip as a family for quite a while now. We met some friends of ours who live in Brian; Leslie, Beth, Colby, Jeremy and Natalie (Nini) at Glen Rose and spent the day visiting, hiking and eating. After we split back up, we went on to Granbury and spent some time there before going back home. This is what we did:

  1. Friday, May 3
       We left around 4:00pm and drove to Clyde, TX and stopped at the Whataburger restaurant located there. That Whataburger was really different. It had a lot of mounted, stuffed animals around the ceiling. It also had a glass enclosure set up at eye level that had a small landscape with a covey of quail. We left and drove on to Glen Rose, and arrived at about 8:45 at our hotel. We stayed at the Best Western Dinosaur Valley Inn. This hotel had a lot of fossils and dinosaur exhibits in the lobby and around the second floor. The fossils are for sale. By the time we got to the hotel there was just a little time for Andrea to go swimming with Colby, Jeremy and Nini before 10:00.

  2. Saturday, May 4
       We got up, ate breakfast and decided it was a little too cold for the kids to go swimming that morning. We checked out of the hotel and went to the Big Rock Park in Glen Rose. While there, we did some climbing on the "Big Rocks." When we were finished there we bought some food for lunch and went to the Dinosaur Valley State Park. When we got there we went into the exhibit building and looked at the information they had about the park. When we arrived, they told us that, due to the rain, the dinosaur tracks were under water and couldn't be seen. We went on down to the picnic area and had lunch, played frisbee and talked. After our food settled we went over to the Piluxy river, that runs through the park, and went hiking. Actually, we went on a trek of odyssean proportions. After we made it back to the picnic area we ate a little more and split up about 5:00. Our friends went back to Brian and we went on to Granbury. After we checked into the Days Inn we went and ate at Taco Bell. We went back to the hotel room and let Andrea swim for a while.

  3. Sunday, May 5
       We got up, ate and decided it was warm enough for Andrea to swim again this morning. It looked like it was still pretty cold though, watching Andrea get into the water. After we got cleaned up and checked out of the hotel we went downtown and walked around the town square doing some shopping. We stopped for lunch at Rinky Tink's, a 50's style diner. After we finished lunch we did a little more shopping and took a carriage ride with the Granbury Carriage Company. We shopped a little more and left Granbury at about 4:00. We ate at the Whataburger in Clyde again on the way home and arrived back home at about 8:30.

   Click here to see some pictures from our trip.

Clyde, Texas

The Whataburger in Clyde, TX has several stuffed animals lining a vaulted ceiling. They include a turkey, coyote, bobcat, fox, deer and others. There is also a glass exhibit on the floor that includes a West Texas landscape, lizards and a covey of quail. It's a really interesting place to eat, if you like that kind of thing.

Best Western Dinosaur Valley Inn
The Best Western in Glenn Rose is a very nice hotel. The lobby has a lot of fossils on display and for sale. They have several prints of dinosaurs around the walls of the second floor. When we were there the Inn was only about 15 months old, so it was still pretty new looking. They have a neat web site that lets you look around the rooms.

Dinosaur Valley State Park
Dinosaur Valley State Park is four mile west of Glen Rose and contains a large amount of dinosaur artifacts. These include several fossilized tracks along the Piluxy river bed.

Granbury, Texas
Granbury is a real "touristy" town. It has a lot of antique and arts and crafts shops. It also has several very pretty, old buildings.

Days Inn
The Days Inn in Granbury had a really nice pool, with the downstairs rooms opening onto the courtyard where the pool is located. Of course Andrea was happy with it because it had the two things she wants most in a hotel; a pool and a continental breakfast!

Taco Bell

Rinky Tink's - Granbury's "50's" Place
They have good food and a fun atmosphere. They have lots of 50's memorabaelia on the walls and an old juke box.


Jeremy, Colby, Nini & Andrea
at the Dinosaur Valley Inn
In Glen Rose

Picnic at the
Dinosaur Valley State Park

Colby, Andrea, Jeremy & Nini
at the
Dinosaur Valley State Park

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