Memorial Day 1999
Brian Texas

   We had a good trip on Memorial Day this year, except for the hail (more about that later!) We went to Bryan to visit some friends of ours.

   We left on Thursday, May 27 and arrived at about 10:00pm in Bryan.

   On Friday, we went to a Texas A&M regional tournament baseball game at Olson Field vs. Monmouth. A&M won 6-0 and went on to win the tournament. We had a good time at the game.

   On Saturday we went to the Lawrence Marshall Recreation Center near Hempstead. It was a very nice facility. They have golf, tennis, swimming, fishing, camping, basketball, and other stuff to do. Our friends were thinking about camping there this summer, so we went and had a picnic.

   On Sunday morning we went to church at the Cavitt Church of Christ in Bryan. and afterward went with our friends to the Black-eyed Pea for lunch. We went and looked at a lot they are thinking about buying, and left for home.

   On the way back home, we ran into a hail storm at about 9:00pm about 5 or 6 miles East of Sweetwater on I20. We had to set out in it for a few minutes while traffic stopped on the highway. We finally made it home about 11:30pm Sunday night.

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